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Presenting the second of four quarterfinal matches, this time featuring Alicia 'the Scissor Queen' Wells up against Lucy the Crusher in a standard AWCC rules match. Lucy appears by kind permission of AFWfan-2, Alicia belongs to me and the art is once again courtesy of a commission from the also awesome albonia. I hope you enjoy both the story and the art!

The second AWCC quarterfinal match was between a brace of strong-legged redheads, the tattooed roller derby star Lucy and the British kickboxer Alicia. Given Alicia was known as the Scissor Queen and Lucy had earnt herself the nom de guerre of ‘Crusher’, they unsurprisingly had the two strongest scissorholds in the tournament and it wasn’t just the fans interested in proving whose were the stronger. The brief but intense staring contest back when they’d first met made it very clear that both women had an interest in proving which was the best.

As the saying went, there could only be one – was it going to be the Queen or was it going to be the Crusher?

There was good money either way and the dedicated fans had been spending the last two weeks (since the first quarterfinal) arguing the relative merits of the figure-four headscissors Lucy had used to end her qualifier versus the bodyscissors that Alicia was known for.

Of course, as the two squared off for the beginning of the first round, both women had exceptionally well-rounded skills in general. Lucy brought a background in half a dozen combat sports to the table and Alicia had a decade’s worth of kickboxing under her belt. This, received wisdom argued, was going to be a good one.

Centre-ring and grinning like the Cheshire Cat, Alicia proffered a hand.

After a moment, Lucy clasped it with her own and the two shook firmly, if a little warily on the visitor’s part. Sneak attacks however didn’t seem to be Alicia’s style and they separated safely.

A beat and they surged back towards each other the instant the bell rang, slamming together to the fans’ roar of approval.

Lucy secured the collar and elbow first, sneaking a hand behind Alicia’s close-cropped locks and locking down on her opponent’s arm right as the kickboxer returned the favour. Her experience in pro-wrestling showing, the Crusher went to transition into-

And the knee Alicia drove into her midriff aborted any plans she might have had. The big kickboxer’s follow-up came by pulling her leg up and literally booting Lucy away from her. Somehow keeping her balance, the tattooed woman staggered but didn’t fall. But, nearly doubled over, it wasn’t a great position for her.

A grappler might have gone for the DDT. Alicia, ever direct, just opted for an elbow to the back which dropped a gasping Lucy to her knees. The next kick, to the side, just missed the liver as the visiting fighter rolled quickly away. The Brit didn’t miss a beat, stalking closer, only to wish she hadn’t bothered as Lucy spun and swept her feet right out from under her. Landing hard, she wasn’t quick enough to avoid the other redhead pouncing on her and the two went to work.

Lucy had the edge at first, using both of her legs to corral one of Alicia’s, keeping the short-haired grappler firmly in half-guard. Alicia tried quickly for a sweep, looking to get the tattooed grappler off her, but it felt like she was trying to sweep a mature oak – all she got was a sassy smirk from the Crusher before Lucy blasted a forearm right into her skull.

Accustomed to that earning her a break, the visitor was briefly taken aback when Alicia shook the hit off and retaliated in kind. The Crusher rocked back, and the two women started a brief but vicious exchange of short range strikes. Not all hit of course but neither seemed keen to abandon their position.

Until Alicia managed to secure Lucy’s right limb and twisted it back in the beginnings of a Kimura. It wasn’t ideal positioning or even the ideal arm to try, as proven when Lucy buried a left hook in the Scissor Queen’s ribs. Beggars though didn’t get to be choosers. Taking the hook with a grunt, Alicia torqued the hold harder and this time it was Lucy’s turn to hiss in pain. The angle was dodgy at best but she could already feel Alicia shifting in a try to improve her leverage.

Before the AWCC fighter could really get to work though, her breath suddenly hitched, her grip slipping just enough for Lucy to put another hook home and yank her arm free.

Even the fans sat ringside were perplexed but Alicia could have told them exactly what happened. As far as ways to escape a kimura went, crushing your opponent’s leg between your own probably wouldn’t make many guides to grappling. But, with the power in the Crusher’s stems, it pretty clearly could be made to work. In fact, on another wrestler, she could have got a tap right there if she’d kept it up.

But she knew that Alicia could do just as much damage to her legs as vice versa – bruising the muscles, inducing cramps and making life difficult – and Lucy had no interest in MAD, wrestling style. So, she held her grip for long enough to get her arm free, put a forearm into Alicia’s jaw and went to pull forward into mount.

In so doing, she had to release her grip on the leg and Alicia promptly bucked up, doing her best to throw her tormenter off. That didn’t work, Lucy’s superb balance coming into play as she rode the thrashing out, but it kept her from going up as high as she’d have liked. Instead, as Alicia let her hips drop to the canvas, Lucy grabbed at an arm and spun out to the side, hunting for an armbar of her own.

A little payback.

Alicia, who was no fool, clasped her hands together and refused to surrender the limb. The Crusher worked fast too though, slipping her free arm through the crook of the nearer elbow. A second later, her legs were coming up to form the figure-four that would crush Alicia’s biceps agonisingly against Lucy’s forearm.

But taking a countered armbar and turning it into a Biceps Slicer was a page very much out of the Brit’s playbook. She rolled over before Lucy could scissor up her trapped arm, stacking the tattooed grappler up on her shoulders for the first pin of the match.

The referee, who’d been doing her best to keep close watch, shot in to slap her hand down.

Once! Twice!

And a kick out!

Abandoning the half-formed lock, Lucy had planted her hands and kicked out of the shoddy pin right after the two count.

And with that, the two separated with honours roughly even.

This time, as they circled for a moment, it seemed striking was the order of the day. Lucy was the first, putting her dukes up in a mix of a boxing stance and something from her karate training. Alicia’s by contrast was right out of a kickboxing textbook.

The first few shots were surprisingly tentative. An exploratory hook here. A testing kick to the knee there. All dodged or parried until Alicia swatted a left jab aside and stepped in with a fearsome hook of her own that Lucy was forced to take on her shoulder.

The roller derby star staggered a step to the side before retaliating with a snapped kick to Alicia’s knee, only to connect with her hard thigh instead. And then they were at it full force, boxing mixed with karate versus kickboxing. Two women of similar size and reach dishing out every strike they could muster.

As they exchanged blows, it slowly but surely became clear that one fighter was just plain better than the other.

While Lucy had dabbled in karate and boxing, Alicia had spent the last ten years of her life honing her kickboxing skills. Her strikes hammered home more consistently and hit their target more often, while she was conversely better able to parry or duck away from the blows that came her way. Lucy, by contrast, was finding it harder and harder to keep up and increasingly she was having to keep skipping back to stay out of the danger zone.

And, when she didn’t skip fast enough or she zigged when she should have zagged instead… Well.

The tattooed redhead was as tough as they come. But, while roller derby had accustomed her to some hard knocks, she wasn’t up to tanking one of those kicks with her chin. If her thigh scissors had done any damage, it wasn’t showing. Alicia had her firmly on the back foot, pummelling her.

She needed to change things up.

Swaying back just in time to dodge the next kick Alicia threw her way, Lucy shot forward to hip check the Brit amazon - as if they were both on the rink.

The Crusher crouched, dropped her hips and swung them into her opponent below Alicia’s centre of balance with all her momentum behind her. The Scissor Queen had seen a fair few things in her time but she hadn’t been expecting that. She was sent staggering back, into the ropes, only to come bouncing back into a stomp kick that took the wind out of her sails.

Putting her pro-experience to use, Lucy tucked the short-haired woman’s head under her arm, got hers over Alicia’s head and sent her up and over and crashing down with a snap suplex. As the British redhead arched up in pain, the Crusher slid in beside her, hunting for a bodyscissors.

The fans leant forward – the first proper scissors attempt of the match. Was it going to work?

With practiced skill, Lucy’s leg slid under the small of Alicia’s back. Its mate was already coming up and over to complete the encirclement, her ankles lacing together in a tight knot. Dazed from the knock to the head, Alicia was just a bit too slow to twist away – she managed to shift enough that the Crusher’s grip wasn’t over her floating ribs. That kept the worst at bay but it was still not much fun at all as her hips and lower belly were squeezed hard.

Even if she couldn’t get a tap, Lucy could still make this work.

But, with Lucy focusing on getting her legs up for better positioning, she took her eye off the rest of the game. Alicia’s own legs were fully occupied with the positional war the two were waging but the kickboxer went for something a little more primitive for escape. Namely, a straight right planted between the Crusher’s eyes.

Lucy’s head rocked back, her grip loosening. And Alicia took advantage to push the upper leg down, down far enough that she could trap it with her own limbs.

Now out of the immediate danger zone, she still knew better than to relax. While Lucy’s upper leg was now locked in her figure-foured legs, Alicia herself had just shown how dangerous it was to solely focus on the lower body. Twisting around, the Scissor Queen got her weight on top of her opponent, first trying for an arm triangle but – when Lucy blocked that – settling for just putting her forearm on the Crusher’s throat and leaning into it.

Lucy choked, eyes bugging wide. But she didn’t panic. Alicia’s mount was decidedly precarious, legs only hooked around one of her own.

Grabbing Alicia by the arms, she managed to roll them over again, putting herself back on top and taking the sting out of the choke.

Recognising her move had lost its utility, Alicia released her lock and kicked Lucy away, the shove knocking the roller derby star clean off her. As a consequence, the Brit was the first on her feet, yanking the Crusher up and sending her back into the ropes with a cross that nearly put the tattooed fighter on her back.
As she staggered, Lucy’s eyes fell on the clock.

There was less than a minute left in the round.

With no time to waste, Lucy cannoned back off the ropes, arm extended in a clothesline that nearly shortened Alicia by a head. Suddenly regretting her close pursuit, the Scissor Queen went down with a crash, instantly and instinctively curling up. That saved her from taking a boot to her liver and, refusing to stay down, the British amazon shoved straight up and launched into a double leg takedown that would…

Have absolutely no effect.

Widening her stance, Lucy absorbed the attempted takedown with nothing more than a grunt and a slight upward curl of her lips. Then she drove her knee up, into her stalled opponent’s belly. Winded, it was easy work for the Crusher to set the single underhook and toss Alicia over her hip. Textbook, as the crash that followed made abundantly clear.

Coughing, shaking her head, Alicia was resolving never to try that again when Lucy landed on top of her. Nothing fancy at all – the Crusher had simply jumped and dropped, her curvy backside landing right on Alicia’s midriff. Of course, with all her weight behind it, that was further abuse the kickboxer could have done without and the rest of her breath came flooding out in a single gasping whine.

Ouch. Simple. But very effective. Alicia would have approved if she’d had the chance.

Instantly, Lucy scooted up to secure high mount. And, with that fighting instinct coming into play again, Alicia summoned up her reserves of strength and rolled the two of them over so that she was on top.


Not a smart move as she realised a heartbeat after she’d moved. Sometimes, the obvious play is not the right play. And this was a perfect example as Alicia rolled herself right into the Crusher’s trap.

She didn’t even see it coming. As the Scissor Queen put herself right in Lucy’s high guard, the tattooed woman’s legs came up and snapped tight right under Alicia’s arms, the sudden squeeze setting her eyes narrowing as ribs felt like they were being bent inwards. A pained whine followed close on its heels as the Brit gave thought to escape.

The worst though was still in her very immediate future. Aware that she had seconds left on the clock, Lucy pulled Alicia in tight so that they were pressed chest to chest and almost cheek to cheek. Before Alicia could try and push herself free, her mind still occupied with the anaconda coils wrapped around her upper chest, Lucy clasped her hands in an s-grip behind her own knees.

If the Crusher’s bodyscissors was agonising, the Scorpion Rib Crush was something else again.

Instantly, Alicia wailed, the sound of an animal with its foot caught in a trap. It was surprisingly piteous coming from such a big woman, and all the more grating for that. Grinning, Lucy tucked her chin on top of her opponent’s head and piled it on.

Alicia’s second reaction was to panic. It felt like she was about to vomit, like she could feel her organs and ribs being pressed inwards under the bands of tanned steel the Crusher called ‘thighs’. And, under siege as she was, any counters she knew were just driven out of her mind by the red haze of agony.

Her hand rose, wavered. And didn’t fall.

Alicia had also had an eye on the clock; she knew the round was nearly done. If she could just hold on a little longer.

Just a little longer…

A fresh surge of pressure hammered into her body, Lucy determined to make her quit now and putting every muscle in her roller-derby honed legs into making her do just that.

Alicia managed to hold back the scream. At least, she did until ten seconds later.

Five seconds later, the bell rang. It took three seconds more for the sound to register with Lucy, the Crusher almost predatorily focused on the shaking form imprisoned in her grip to the point that she honestly didn’t hear the signal.

A second later, almost grudgingly, she undid the hold and rolled Alicia off her, rising to her feet and stalking back to her corner.

And then Alicia did scream as her ribs popped back into place.

At first, it looked like she wouldn’t be able to continue. After that long in the hell that was Lucy the Crusher’s Scorpion Rib Crush, just breathing hurt let along moving. And the less said about the way her insides felt, the better. A dim and dark part of her was quite sure she’d have thigh-shaped bruises down her sides in the morning.

But, after the fun she’d just had, Alicia refused to concede. Grimly the British woman pulled herself to her feet and hobbled back to her corner to recuperate as best she could in the time allowed.

Over on the other side of the ring, a slight smile had replaced the frustration on Lucy’s features.

Well, maybe there was an upside to this after all.

Much as the referee had wanted to spin things out a bit, the break was soon over and the fighters made their way back into centre ring.

The two women circled each other again. Though her skin was damp with sweat, Lucy’s movements were as smooth as before and her expression focused. By contrast, Alicia was still grinning but there was a hard, even pained edge to the look that threatened to turn it into a grimace. Her steps were confident but her lips pressed together a little more with each motion. It didn’t take a genius to see that the effects of the Scorpion Rib Crush were lingering and she knew the Crusher had to have seen it.

Probably didn’t need to see it.

The bell tolled and the visiting fighter immediately made a beeline straight for Alicia. Who stiffened her stance, before throwing a sharp kick to ward off the other redhead. It made her scowl as it twisted things that really hadn’t settled back into place but it was as crisp and sharp a kick as she could have asked for.

Lucy twisted out of the way with the grace of years of roller derby, the kick eating nothing but air.

A moment later, her hands were on Alicia’s shoulders and Lucy was using them to boost herself up. All the way up until the Crusher could lash her legs back around the kickboxer’s already abused ribcage. Instantly, she kicked her limbs out, applying the bodyscissors with all the brutal force her thighs could muster as her ankles locked tight.

Under normal circumstances, it was an incredibly risky move. Even side on to the Brit, Lucy had just put herself in perfect position to get slammed right back down.

These were hardly normal circumstances. The move had immediate effect, Alicia’s eyes going wide as agony tore through her midsection. Ribs almost cracked moments before were being subjected to immense and ruthless pressure yet again, the Crusher more than living up to her name as she brutalised her opponent’s torso. One of the British woman’s hands flew to the leg clamped over her belly, pushing futilely even as her own legs wavered. The kickboxer staggered, dropped to one knee, right before Lucy’s squeeze tore a scream of pain out of her.

The Crusher’s lips were twisted in a sultry, exultant grin as she kept the hold tight. She had this, she knew it and knew it was just a matter of how long before Alicia admitted it.

The answer…

Less than half a minute.

Less than 30 seconds after the bell tolled, Alicia’s hand switched from it’s useless attempt at prying to frantically tapping.

Lucy threw her head back with a howl of triumph, eking out another wail from the usually stoic British woman with another crushing pulse of those awe-inspiring thighs, before letting go and walking away without looking back. By contrast, while she’d been on one knee, the result was to drop Alicia to all fours for a moment before she rolled over onto her side, arms wrapped around her midriff.

Still, she managed to make it back to her corner albeit not as fast as Lucy’s saunter. While she knew it would be dangerous to underestimate the other redhead even now, the visiting fighter was sure she had the upper hand – or leg – and was determined to ride that advantage all the way to the win.

The third round was by no means as short as the second but the outcome wasn’t ever in doubt either. While Alicia’s defences were distinctly sturdy than expected, any offence was easily shut down by a shot to her midriff. After a short exchange of strikes, Lucy took the British woman to the mat and from there the kickboxer spent the rest of the round defending bodyscissors after bodyscissors. Alicia knew the second the Crusher crossed her ankles, it was game over.

Lucy knew it too and exploited it mercilessly.


Alicia couldn’t say she wouldn’t be doing the same in her place but it was decidedly frustrating.

It was also just decisive. Rolling away from another bodyscissors just before the Crusher put her down, Alicia gave Lucy her back. Having shown her skill at countering more MMA style submissions, Lucy dug into her bag of pro tricks.

Stepping onto Alicia’s broad thighs and tucking her feet inside her own calves, Lucy leant forward and smacked the short-haired fighter in the sides. Where someone more experienced might have resisted the urge, the pain in Alicia’s ribs brought her arms back to defend them. Which in turn let Lucy snag them, right before the roller derby superstar rolled them over, yanking back on the arms and pushing with her legs.

Before Alicia really knew what was going on, she was staring up at the lights, her back and legs being wrenched agonisingly as Lucy kept up her push/pull. The Ceiling Hold required massive leg strength but the Crusher’s thighs were more than up to the task of keeping the kickboxer elevated. And, with a five count pin, there was no way Lucy’s shoulders would be down long enough for that to be a factor.

In the end, Alicia gave. Rolling her foe away, Lucy stood and celebrated, raising her fist victoriously to the cheers of the crowd.

“Looks like someone couldn’t take the pressure after all,” She grinned, slapping her thigh, “Who’s next?”
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zencentricity777 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Lovely!!!!  Thank you!
Veherzak Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thank you for leaving a comment!
DKSTUDIOS05 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Excellent movement, looks painful
Veherzak Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017
What can I say? She's called Lucy the Crusher for some very good reasons (as Alicia found out).

Thanks for stopping by!
DKSTUDIOS05 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
she has earned that name to pulse!
Veherzak Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2017
Oh definitely, for lots of reasons. If you like Lucy, I'd suggest checking out her creator's page on DA @ afwfan-2 and his blog over at He just posted an extended bio for Lucy the other day; if you haven't already seen it, it's well worth reading.

Also, albonia does a fair amount of Lucy art too, some of which has her breaking out the scissor holds. Worth checking out for sure.
onek1995 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017
Another great story.  Thanks so much.

This is going to sound a bit silly but I'm surprised, at least in my interpretation, how dominant Lucy was.  Yes, Alicia had moments, but unless I misread, most seemed to be defensive counters.  She seemed to be on her heels a lot then made the fatal mistake and Lucy made her pay dearly.  Even though she got out of round one, the fight was nearly moot after that.  Lucy pounded her relentlessly, as she should have.  Even at the end she was a step ahead, finishing with a Ceiling hold that caught Alicia off guard.   Great win for Lucy, great experience in a losing effort for the Brit.

Excellent story again.  Thanks for putting us in the ring with your details!  Can't wait for the next one
Veherzak Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017
Thank you for the commentary - I do appreciate you taking the time to reply at length.

Interesting. Certainly, not tapping in the Scorpion Rib Crush was the key mistake but Alicia's so used to being on the other end that she thought she could take it. But that hold is killer, doubly so in the hands (legs?) of someone like Lucy. Like you said, that made the second round moot and Lucy's bodyscissors meant that Alicia was really out of the fight from there. Any other hold and she could maybe have turned the third round around but... Well. They call Lucy 'Crusher' for a good reason.

Having said that, the first round could have gone either way and was nearly a draw. Any time they went to striking, Alicia got the upper hand pretty quickly - Lucy's tough but she's not up to hanging with Alicia in that regard. If Lucy had taken a hit to the jaw or if Alicia had countered that last high mount from Lucy differently... Well, things would have gone rather differently. But once she got an advantage, Lucy wasn't about to let Alicia rally and - in my opinion - once Lucy gets momentum behind her it's hard to stop her just rolling over you.

Does that make sense? Thank you again for the comment though and, while it may be a longer wait for the third match, hopefully you'll enjoy it when it does arrive.
onek1995 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017
I do think Alicia had moments early.   Clearly hurt Lucy.  I didn't mean to imply that she didn't that's for sure.  She landed some telling blows, especially early as you said.  It just seemed that Lucy had her number time and again in this one.  She'd mount some offense and then couldn't string things together.  Lucy however seemed to be ready for her quite often.  When Alicia made a mistake she pounced, then I think Alicia's inexperience cost her not only one fall but probably the whole fight.  Lucy put it on her when she had the chance. 

Loved the story though.  It's great to follow this tournament.  You know how to tell a great fight.  Very vivid in it's details
Veherzak Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017
I think the big thing was that Lucy's near-invulnerability to takedowns and sweeps caught her off guard. Alicia's used to being able to knock people flat and Lucy's base is rock solid. Bouncing off that a couple of times gave Crusher a chance to get her licks in. 

Otherwise, yes. Alicia really really shouldn't have tried to outlast that Scorpion Crush. Admittedly... Part of me wonders if she'd still have lost Round 2. Lucy's Scorpion is that devastating. But she'd have been in a much better spot for Round 3 and could maybe have got a sneaky win through KO or at least made it 2-1.

Who knows? I do know that Lucy vs Xtina in the next round ought to be a good one...

Thanks again!
onek1995 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2017
I've been meaning to finish this conversation up.   I love that assessment of Lucy not being able to get swept up by Alicia.  I'm not sure I even picked up on that, and it was right in front of me.   And I also agree, a healthy Alicia down 1-0 rather than an injured Alicia at 0-0 was the difference.  Tactical error on her part...... she'll survive and move on I'm sure.    Tough girl

And you are right, Lucy v Xtina will be fantastic!!
Veherzak Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017
Let me put it this way. Alicia will be looking for a rematch...

I think that, against a lot of people, it wouldn't have been such an error. But Lucy's combination of aggression, sheer power and decision to go for the throat (so to speak) was the deciding factor. Equally, if Alicia had been in a better state, that standing bodyscissors could have backfired catastrophically on the Crusher.

All Alicia had to do was drop on Lucy and she'd have got out of those scissors. But the pain was literally paralysing and that was what made the difference.

But she'll definitely be moving on and she'll know better next time. ;) I'm looking forward to writing the semifinals, though I need to get through the rest of the quarterfinals first...
Donnersberg Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017
what a fight, and what a fight spirit
Veherzak Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017
Thanks for commenting - glad you enjoyed it!
Jose-Ramiro Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome pic and story.
Veherzak Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017
Thanks! Glad you liked it - it was a lot of fun to write and albonia knocked it out of the park with the art.
Jose-Ramiro Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I noticed.
markleilani Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017
Well-done, the writing had me wincing in pain :)

As an idea, a double body (or head) scissors competition could prove who has the best scissors. Both women wrap their legs around their opponent and start squeezing. The famous Beatrice Goffin released a video years ago with such a contest. 
Veherzak Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017
In that case, job done I'd say. I'm glad you liked it!

A mutual scissors competition... Yes, I've seen vids with those. In this case, I think a headscissors one would just be mutually assured destruction - both Lucy and Alicia are perfectly capable of getting near-instant taps from their opponents. Or they can put them out almost as quickly. ;)

A bodyscissors contest might last longer but... I don't think it proves much myself. Besides, while i'd defer to afwfan-2 here, my feeling is that these two are pretty close. Either could win a scissors contest on any given day and either would demolish 90% of their competition in that sort of contest.

Thanks for commenting though and I'll bear it in mind for future reference.
szzickra Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017
Veherzak Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017
Thank you! Very glad you enjoyed!
szzickra Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017
It is a big read!
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