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Presenting the first of four tournament matches between Jessika the "Scarlet Seraph" and, appearing by kind permission of the ever-awesome Albonia, Xtina "Canadian Dynamite" Carpenter of Rival Angels. Standard AWCC rules apply. Art was commissioned from Albonia who also owns Xtina, while Jessika belongs to me. I hope you enjoy the story.

Tonight was the scene of the first of the AWCC tournament quarterfinals, pitting Canadian Dynamite Xtina Carpenter up against the equally confident Scarlet Seraph Jessika Eckhart. The two had taken an instant dislike to each other and, as a certain famous commentator might say, the match promised to be a slobberknocker.

Now, it was well into the second round and the crowd would have generally agreed that it was well worth the money to see.

The Canadian brunette hit the mat with a thud, her back arching as she groaned in pain.

Xtina Carpenter was not having a good evening. She was not having a good evening at all.

Off to one side, in her peripheral vision, she could just see two feet in MMA footwear approaching and bit back the urge to groan.

It was not making her feel better that, despite her best efforts and her game plan, her opponent was kicking her ass and there seemed to be nothing she could do about it.

She’d known going in that Jessika Eckhart was a BJJ black belt. That was fine, Xtina had thought her edge in wrestling experience and size would level the playing field. Instead, she’d found that the blonde seemed as comfortable grappling on their feet as on the mat.

The expert Cobra Clutch slam that she’d just used to plant Xtina flat being an excellent example of exactly that.

They were now in the second round of their match and it was not going any better for Canadian Dynamite than the first.

Given that one had ended with her forced to tap out to her own Sharpshooter…

Yeah. Things weren’t going well.

And she wasn’t sure how she was going to make them better in a hurry as she felt the blonde’s fingers dig into her hair and scalp, yanking her to her feet with deceptive strength.

Xtina grunted as she was forced up, but any resistance she had planned was pre-empted by the vicious knee her opponent buried in her gut. Suddenly left gasping for air, it was followed by feeling her right arm pulled up high in a Half Nelson, the blonde cinching in the second Cobra Clutch in less than as many minutes as Jessika then drew it tight across Xtina’s throat with her other hand.

This time though, the Scarlet Seraph suddenly arched her back, hefting Xtina up bodily only to slam the Rival Angels star down on her planted knee. The Cobra Clutch Backbreaker, coming so soon after the slam and with her back still hurting from the Sharpshooter, had Xtina trying desperately to roll away. But the sadistic blonde just licked her lips and kept the hold tight, using her twin grips on Xtina’s arms to bend the bigger brunette over the plank of her braced thigh.

Not only was it doing vicious work on her spine but using the trapped arm as leverage was both choking the Canadian and further abusing that shoulder into the bargain.

Xtina’s legs flailed desperately for every second she was trapped in the hellish hold before finally, mercifully Jessika shoved her off, rising to her feet. Casually, the blonde flicked her braid back over her shoulder, took a moment to adjust her top and snap her bottoms back into place as she circled the ex-champion. Planning her next move. Clearly in no hurry.

Not that the entire match had been going her way. Xtina had certainly got her shots (and near submissions) in too, but if the Seraph was feeling any aches, she was keeping them to herself.

For all she was making a confident show of not being rushed, Jessika was still aware that she was on the clock. And after her moment of thought, she made her decision, kicking Xtina over onto her front.

Limp at Jessika’s feet, Xtina was unable to do anything to stop her tormentor as she felt her legs picked up and one ankle folded behind the other knee before being secured as the Seraph planted herself on the trapped limbs. The double-toed leglock was no picnic but all it did was keep her still. Of course, the ingenious blonde wasn’t done. Taking Xtina’s left wrist in her right hand, she wrenched it up behind the Canadian’s back and then used her left hand to pull the brunette’s only free limb across her neck in the diabolical finisher she called the Morningstar Choke.

Agonising fire blossomed instantly across Xtina’s body as both arms, her shoulders, her spine and her knees screamed in pain. Xtina would have screamed herself, if the arm tight across her throat hadn’t strangled her cry.

More importantly, she would have tapped except… She couldn’t.

Both her arms were trapped. Both her legs were trapped. She couldn’t speak.

The submission specialist in her appreciated the thought that had clearly gone into devising a combination of holds that prevented its victim from indicating her submission in any way. And choking her out to boot.

Mostly, however, she was desperate to get out. But however she thrashed and struggled, Jessika’s application and positioning was just too good and she had no leverage. Already, Xtina could feel her thoughts growing sluggish, black wings beating at the edge of her vision as unconsciousness beckoned.

Before it could embrace her though, the pressure around her neck eased fractionally. Just enough to keep her awake but not enough to lessen the pain in her arm or shoulder; certainly not enough to let her break free.

And then the hateful voice in her ear whispered. Purred, perhaps, the tone of a cat who was relishing the chance to bat its mouse around just a little more.

“I could put you out right now,” Jessika mused, reefing back on the hold again to drive her point home, “And it’d almost be worth it just to annoy the losers in the audience. But why waste all the lovely time we’ve got left together?”

Any rejoinder that Xtina might have made was lost as the cruel blonde reefed back on her hold again, bouncing up and down to add that extra bit of agony to Xtina’s abused knees.

“So here’s what we’re going to do,” the Seraph continued, once she’d strangled any hint of rebellion, “I’m going to let one arm go. You are going to tap like the waste of space you are and maybe you won’t leave the arena on a stretcher. If you try anything…”

And she left it at that.

Better to let the brunette think up her own ideas in that empty skull of hers.

Taking another moment to enjoy the feeling of another woman locked in her second-favourite move, Jessika almost reluctantly let her hammerlock fall away, loosing that arm as promised.

Though it crossed her mind to try fighting back, Xtina was savvy enough to realise her position remained untenable. As soon as she could, she slapped the mat as close to frantically as she was willing to admit.

A moment later and the rest of the hold fell away, Jessika rising gracefully to her feet with a smug smirk on her plush lips before sauntering back to her corner to wait for the next round.

Needless to say, her opponent was not so quick to stand.

Leaning against the turnbuckle, Xtina took deep breath after deep breath, trying to work out what she could do. It wasn’t in her nature to just throw in the towel, hopeless as the situation seemed. There was still one more round to go, even if it seemed thoroughly useless, and she could still win.

She could still win.

All she had to do was knock out the woman who’d been kicking her all over this ring for the last ten minutes, and without a clue how to do it.

Easy. She’d just have to improvise.

And just like that the bell rang and the break was over.

Xtina inhaled deeply one last time and blew it out. Easy.

Then she headed out to meet Jessika, who was already stalking towards her. As far as the curvy blonde was concerned, all that was left was the formality of turning a 2-0 win into a 3-0 one. And that was something she considered more in the line of fun than work – better yet, she got paid for it.

For all that, and for all her confidence, that didn’t mean she intended to give Xtina a chance to score even one point tonight. Hence the grappling stance she slipped into as they closed, one mirrored by the Canadian battler.

Of course, that had been the way Xtina had played earlier. This time, she went for something a little different.

As the two women closed, Canadian Dynamite took a tip from her nickname and exploded forward at short range, punching her shoulder joint right into Jessika’s midsection. The Spear was at too short a range to build up much in the way of momentum but Xtina’s potent legs put plenty of push behind it and she had the advantage of surprise into the bargain.

Jessika, who’d been expecting another lock-up, folded in half, grunting with both shock and a sudden lack of air as she collapsed to the mat with the tanned Canadian on top of her. Xtina didn’t waste any time in taking advantage, splaying her legs out to secure the mount – she’d seen how slippery the BJJ specialist was and had had more than enough of trying to pass her guard.

But then she had a slight problem. She was in the advantageous position but she also had to put Jessika out. A submission wouldn’t be enough which meant a good chunk of her impressive submission arsenal was not going to cut it. Up until this point, Xtina had been taking opportunities where she could and there was an almost imperceptible pause as she re-evaluated her options.

Then she went for the Guillotine, sliding an arm under Jessika’s arm and the other under her neck and clasping them together in a tight hold. The mounted Guillotine was a fearsome choke and, if she’d been able to secure it fully, probably that would have been that. But the pause had been just enough to let the wily Jessika twist her head and tuck her chin. It was still painfully twisting her neck and head but it wasn’t going to choke her out.

Refusing to let it get to her, Xtina wrenched the hold again, pondering her next step. Then an idea hit her and she grinned for the first time since the bell sounded. Getting her feet under her, she heartlessly pulled Jessika up with her until both women were standing. The ex-champion used her hold to keep the blonde bent over before suddenly spinning around to spike Jessika’s skull into the mat with an impromptu DDT.

Scraping the woozy Jessika up off the mat, Xtina rocked her world with a vicious roundhouse before scooping her up and returning the favour from earlier with a brutal Backbreaker of her own.

The sound of the blonde’s spine hitting her braced thigh might have been nearly drowned out by the chants of “DYNA-MITE” echoing through the packed seating, but breaking the other wrestler in two still felt damn good as far as the tanned brunette was concerned.

Taking a deep breath, she pounced on Jessika as the Seraph tried to rise, taking up residence on her opponent’s exposed back. That let Xtina snake her legs around the blonde’s trim waist, hook an ankle under the opposing knee and clamp down in a tight figure-four body triangle – her thighs exploding with force as she crushed down.

That got her a moan and paralysed Jessika with the pain for the moment Xtina needed to roll them both over. Now with both women seated on the mat, she slipped her arm over Jessika’s neck and proceeded to close the Dragon Sleeper, choking the blonde at the same time as she further abused the spinal cord.

And this time, the Rival Angels star had gotten the hold locked in tight. Already the Scarlet Seraph’s cheeks were starting to match her namesake and she knew she needed to escape sooner rather than later. True, she could still just tap but her pride forbade her.

Keeping her head, she didn’t waste time or energy in futile clawing. Instead, pushing with her legs and arms, she stretched desperately for the nearby rope. BJJ Black Belt or not, there were only so many ways to get out from the Dragon Sleeper/Body triangle of this skill and forcing a break was by far the most efficient and reliable.

It was a close-run thing. But, in the end, Jessika managed to get a hand on the rope before her thoughts left her.

Xtina milked the hold for the full count, of course, but she knew her chance was gone. Even if she had knocked Jessika out, it wouldn’t have counted after she got to the ropes. The best she could do was wear the blonde down and disorientate her.

As the ref enforced the break and made Xtina back off, Jessika rubbed at her throat before turning a look of pure unadulterated hate on the brunette. She too knew how close she’d been to disaster and it only made the voluptuous vixen more eager to seek painful retribution.

That would have to wait, however, as her thoughts were interrupted. Unwilling to just surrender her advantage, Xtina had ducked in to seize Jessika’s nearer foot and now she used that grip to pull the blonde away from the sanctuary of the ropes. Delivering a soccer style boot to her opponent’s prized chest, Canadian Dynamite took just enough time to slice a thumb across her throat – time’s up – and the crowd roared their approval.

Grabbing hold of the first arm she could, Xtina dropped down into a high mount of Jessika’s chest. With one hand, she pulled her opponent’s head up nice and tight and then she rolled them both over until she was on her back and Jessika was on her knees above her. Xtina’s legs scissored shut and just like that she’d secured a match-ending triangle choke.

No ropes, no way for the smaller blonde to drag them both over and, once Xtina had grabbed Jessika’s other hand, no way for her to tap.

Game, set and match in what was destined to be a colossal upset win.

But, as ever, an urge for revenge left Jessika even more inventive than was usual for the blonde.

To Xtina’s shock, the blonde muscled forward, putting herself deeper into the triangle. But also she was stacking the Rival Angels star up on her shoulders, as if she was going for a pin. Xtina sneered, blowing a wisp of hair away with a sharp exhalation as her neck twinged and tightening her grip further. If Jessika thought she’d manage a pin before she went out…

Good luck to her.

But that wasn’t what Jessika had in mind at all. Instead, she grabbed Xtina’s hair and yanked the Canadian’s head still closer until their foreheads were almost touching.

Xtina’s neck erupted in agony. Her triangle instantly fell away and Jessika pulled back, shoving a leg aside to take her opponent’s back. Securing the head under her arm in a Dragon Sleeper, hooking her legs around Xtina’s to keep her trapped, the sadistic blonde pulled up with her arms and down with her legs as if she wanted to pull her opponent’s head off her neck.

Still hurting from the way Jessika had slipped her triangle, Xtina flailed in agony, in too much pain even to tap at first.

But Jessika wasn’t interested in surrender. After torturing the brunette for as long as she dared, it was her turn to scrape a near-limp opponent up off the canvas by her wrists.

Wasting no time, she twisted around and behind Xtina, turning her grip into a straightjacket choke before dropping down in a vicious neck breaker that turned the brunette from near-limp to just plain limp.

Spread-eagled on the mat, the part of the Canadian woman’s mind still working wondered if this was what a broken neck felt like. She couldn’t make her body move, not one limb. For a moment, even her fingers wouldn’t twitch but then reality sunk back in, along with a truck load of pain.

It was followed by a stinging sensation in her scalp, one that probably should have been drowned out by the rest but somehow instead still managed to compete.

To the onlookers, Xtina appeared almost unconscious as she was pulled to her knees, her body limp and only supported by the blonde’s hand around one of her pigtails. Jessika smirked down at her.

“Time for me to head to the next round and time for you to take a long overdue nap,” She tilted her head slightly to one side, considering, “Though I doubt it’d do much for your looks.”

Casually, the blonde drew a hand over the swell of her impressive bust.

“Nighty-night, loser. There’s only one Angel in this ring.”

Her smirk widened cruelly.

It was quite clear where things would have gone from there. Jessika’s intent was obvious and she’d never made any bones about how she meant this to end.

But then her head snapped around ninety degrees as an obnoxiously familiar voice cut in.

“Hey Blondie!”

Stood at ringside, any further approach blocked by a pair of refs, was Samiya Kusanagi. Clad in street gear, the petite powerhouse had her hands held up innocently.

“Just wanted to congratulate you on lucking your way to another win. Don’t worry, it’ll be the last one.”

She sighed in mock-disappointment.

“Too bad I won’t get the chance, but I can’t wait to see ‘Licia or the roller derby girl squeeze you as red as your gear.”

Raising an eyebrow, Jessika sneered down at Samiya.

“Forgotten your place already, pumpkin? Well, don’t worry. I’ll be with you in just a moment.”

The Scarlet Seraph was far too experienced to let herself be distracted for more than a heartbeat. But she was distracted. Samiya’s appearance was enough to see her grip on Xtina’s hair loosening, her gaze switching from her near-limp victim to the tattooed nuisance at ringside as she delivered her retort.

It wasn’t much. Not much at all.

Already, the blonde’s expression was tightening into a sneer, her grip beginning to reassert itself preparatory to yanking Xtina’s head back.

But it was just about enough.

Xtina might have been nearly out of the match but ‘nearly’ wasn’t ‘out’ as the elbow she delivered to Jessika’s flat midriff gave notice.

Still not paying enough attention, the vicious blonde oophed and doubled over, her grip falling away entirely. Xtina staggered to her feet, eyes hard, and followed up by planting the top of Jessika’s skull into the canvas with a sharp DDT.

She’d have preferred something packing even more punch but, right now, she’d take whatever she could get.

And that was why, immediately afterwards, she ignored the pain shooting through recently-abused limbs to drag both herself and the loose-jointed Jessika to their feet. Tucking the blonde head under an arm and hooking a leg, she hefted her opponent up high with a grunt of effort – Xtina was going to be feeling this – before dropping the sadistic witch down on her head again with a Fisherman Buster that had all her frustrations and anger behind it.

In the aftermath, both women lay still in the middle of the ring as the fans’ chanting echoed through the arena. Jessika had rolled onto her side, arms up to cradle her head. Xtina by contrast was flat on her back, starfished as she stared up at those lights.

For a long moment, neither of them moved, unless twitching counted. Then slowly, very slowly, one of the two managed to roll to all fours. Her movements slow, pained, the fighter made her way to her opponent’s still limp form.

Then around to her head.

There, she paused for a second, first to roll her opponent onto her back and then to loop an arm behind the other woman’s shoulder and neck.

This wasn’t Xtina’s usual style. But she needed Jessika unconscious, she needed to take full advantage of this opportunity and she was in a mind for some karmic retribution.

With that, tightening her arm triangle on the blonde’s neck by gripping each biceps with the opposite hand, the Rival Angels star dropped her full bust on Jessika’s still slack features.

That brought life back to the vicious blonde in a hurry, particularly when it dawned on her foggy brain that she was trapped in her own signature hold – a fact that leant her sudden savage strength as she bucked and clawed.

Unfortunately for Jessika, while Xtina wasn’t a virtuoso with the Heaven’s Gate as she was, the Canadian wrestler was more than able to make it work. She’d got the upper body strength and the triangle technique down to a ‘t’. And she was certainly amply endowed in the other field required to pull off the Heaven’s Gate.

Naturally Jessika fought back. Of course she fought back. She twisted and turned, trying to throw the Canadian wrestler off, her legs kicking furiously but unable to gain any leverage. And Xtina had found a last desperate reserve of strength, born of the knowledge that – should Jessika get free – her fate would be certain and sealed.

Between that desperation, her advantage in size and Jessika’s positioning, the complete reversal of fortune was accomplished with stunning rapidity.

Jessika’s struggling began to slow. Her bucking and arching diminished. Under the fleshy shroud of Xtina’s chest, her eyelids were growing heavy, her world lost in smothering darkness. Her fingers tugged feebly at the Canadian’s hair in one final attempt before her body went limp.

Not trusting the blonde an inch, Xtina remained in her sprawling position while the referee went through the motions. Only when the count was done did she gingerly peel herself off Jessika and accept a hand back to her feet. Even then, the brunette was left swaying slightly, her eyes not entirely focused and one arm clamped firmly across her midriff.

She was sore everywhere but Xtina managed to pull a smug smile out, beaming radiantly at the fans, then down at Jessika and then back at the fans as she raised her fist high.

“So close, Jessi,” she muttered, vindictively nudging the blonde with a foot, “And yet so far. Maybe next time, you should try winning first and preening later, huh?”

Needless to say, Xtina’s awareness that she’d been within a hair’s breadth of a crushing loss for the last third of the match made her more than a little spiteful. Jessika though was in no state to respond and, after a second prod with that boot, the Canadian left off.

Well, first she planted said boot firmly on Jessika’s slowly rising chest and posed for her fanbase, relishing the cheers that boomed back at her in response.

In no mood to wait for a handshake that wouldn’t be coming, she ducked out of the ring and left her opponent to the mercies of the paramedics.

First though Samiya, who’d been forgotten in the sudden turnaround, took her opportunity to slide in. Crouching down, she nudged her nemesis’ slack features. It was tempting to pile on a little more humiliation but the Assassin had got what she wanted.

“Too bad, so sad,” she mused with a smirk, “I guess you won’t be heading to the semis after all.”

And with that, she too rolled under the ropes and strutted backstage, that thin smirk on her lips all the way.
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blackthorne1969 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2017
Great move and image!  Cheers :-)
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Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked!
onek1995 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017
One of the reason's I didn't comment on your 'Tournament Bracket' post was I didn't feel it would be right.  I just didn't know enough about the other fighters (or a ton about your own to be honest) to give an honest estimation.   I've fallen for that before (with a different author) and frankly it was embarrassing to be so very wrong about everything.  I didn't want to make that mistake again.

I've read this a couple of times now and I'm amazed.  What a great story.  For starters alone it was brilliant to write from Xtina's point of view.  Rarely will an author be so bold as to step outside their own character and view from a different perspective.  You could tell that while Xtina is more than a capable wrestler she was in full doubt about the whole match.  Even when she got on top she couldn't get the win she needed.   Your action descriptions are really well done.  You took your time and got things right.  Even the dialog  (which I personally am terrible at) is just so well set up.   I didn't count on Samiya being the difference maker here and what a finishing knockout hold!  Great work

I cant wait to read how the rest of this goes.  considering this is just the first fight I cant imagine how great this series is going to be!

It wouldn't be right not to mention albonia 's great rendition of the Morningstar Choke.  Wonderful work!
Veherzak Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017
Well. Wow. I... Honestly don't know what to say? Besides thank you very much, of course, and I am very glad that you enjoyed the story. In particular, thank you very much for the thoughtful commentary. It's much appreciated and I hope the other stories entertain you as much as this one did.

And yes, huge credit to albonia for the amazing artwork. I've commissioned him to do a piece for the next match as well and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Thanks again!
onek1995 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017
No problem, really cant wait for the next installment
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