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Samiya Kusanagi by Suzukishinji
So, first of all, a massive shoutout to the very awesome and generous :desuzukishinji: who made this incredible portrait of the Schoolgirl Assassin and permitted me to post it here. If you're not already familiar with suzukishinji's work, I highly recommend taking a look - among other things, there's a full series with Alicia taking on Tamao Silver and a partial one (as of writing this) with Samiya taking on Ysabeau Leclerq.

Here's what suzukishinji had to say about Samiya:

"Hi world, say hello to this wrestling beauty! She´s Cuban with Japanese roots, living in the US.

She´s always ready to get in the ring with anybody, and as soon as the bell rings it means
business for her. Unfortunately it also means business for her opponents, as my cutie Ysabeau
got to experience during the OCW tournament. See everything about the tournament here:


Samiya deserves her nickname "The Schoolgirl Assassin" very well. Once she´s got her
opponent on the ground it´s just a matter of time until she applies her special move "The
Vortex" which is a combination of Dragon Sleeper and Bodyscissors.

Be sure to have a valid health insurance when you meet her. It may become painful..."

Thanks again for this wonderful render and writeup courtesy of suzukishinji while Samiya Kusanagi belongs to me.
Isa Armstrong vs Samiya Kusanagi

A month ago, we saw the outcome of Bela Carrow’s first AWCC match when she faced off with Alicia “Scissor Queen” Wells.

Now, it’s her best friend Isa’s turn to take to the mats. Compared to Bela, Isa is probably the better natural athlete but is comparatively lacking in skill (and killer instinct).

So, when it comes to a first opponent, she really should have been booked against another newcomer, someone on a similar level.

Instead, she got Samiya “the Schoolgirl Assassin” Kusanagi.

Not great booking as far as Isa is concerned. Samiya may be small at 5’2” but she’s a powerhouse and an expert at submission holds to boot.

As the two square off in the ring, Samiya offers Isa a handshake. Isa, naturally enough, accepts.

Only as the bell rings to find herself trapped in a jumping cross armbar courtesy of the Schoolgirl Assassin.

It was going to be one of those matches.

The first round lasts just long enough for Isa to tap – caught centre ring, she has nowhere to go and, flexible or not, she lacks the experience to escape the armbar.

She does better in the second round. Not good but better, at least until Samiya hits her with a brutal Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker

Scooting backwards, the Schoolgirl Assassin scores the Triangle Choke from the mount and it’s all over.

Afterwards, when she’s done scraping herself off the mat, Isa finds a message on her phone.

“Let me know when you’re bored with losing.”

Isa stares at that message for a long time.

The art is by the awesome Black-pantheress while both Isa and Samiya are my own characters.

Alicia Wells by Suzukishinji
Here, courtesy of the very generous suzukishinji, we have another rendition of Alicia "Scissor Queen" Wells. To quote suzukishinji -

"She's got ten years worth of training in kickboxing and MMA and trains/works out daily. She loves to fight and has a reputation for sparring 
hard - sparring with Alicia sort of inevitably turns into almost a real match (she goes through a lot of sparring partners). She's not so good 
at pulling her punches. Alicia loves a good fight but hates squashing opponents, she'd rather have a closely fought loss than a win against 
an opponent who didn't put up a good match.

She's also pretty ruthless so she won't pull her punches or hold back against an overmatched opponent. Alicia is used to getting hit hard, so it
is not likely to put her out with a single punch. Opponents better prepare for a straight answer - straight in their faces!

If an opponent thinks she could tire her out in the late rounds of a fight - nope, that won´t happen. Due to her daily hard training and workout,
and in addition her years-long practice as gymnast and runner, Alicia has the endurance and stamina needed to go through a fight until the 
very last bell. Unfortunately her opponents seldom let her hear the last regular bell because they are often defeated before the time has run

Her favorite move is a body scissor - that´s where her nickname comes from. When she gets the fight to the ground (and she mostly does), it
is only a matter of time until she gets her strong legs wrapped around her opponent´s body and squeezes the unfortunate girls into submission
or a deep sleep. If you hear occasional cracking noises, well, it´s not your neighbor in the arena eating chips, it´s the ribs cracking under the
pressure that Alicia applies on her opponent with her legs.

Outside the ring, she's working on her MMA thesis on Roman history and enjoys a good book as much as she does a good fight."

Alicia Wells belongs to me while the art and writeup are courtesy of suzukishinji.
Alicia Training 2
Another day and Alicia's back in the gym for her regular workout, getting ready for her next match in mayydayy's OCWT - this time, she's focusing on her striking first. While she might be known for her kicks chiefly, don't forget that she'll happily use her fists, elbows or knees in a fight too.

It's just her kicks are her most dangerous striking tool (as shown here). If her opponents aren't careful, the match can be over with just one of these delivered right to the head by Alicia's Chun-Li-esque thighs.

Kudos once again to onek1995 for his hard work in putting this together. Check out his page for a wonderful selection of characters and matches.
Alicia Training
As you are probably aware, Alicia is in the OCWT currently being run by the awesome mayydayy and PhoenixCreed. Her next match is against the Energiser Bunny aka Tamao Silver and Alicia is determined to be as ready as possible. So she's training as hard as possible, ready to give Tamao the fight of her life.

You can find the match page here -…

If you believe Alicia can win, please leave a vote or a comment. Any support is really appreciated - I'd love to see Alicia reach the division finals and only your support (plus the will of the dice) can see her there.

The render courtesy of the very patient onek1995 - thank you very much indeed for making this!


United Kingdom
Warning – somewhat self-promoting text below.

So, I hadn’t planned to do this as it feels a bit weird but…

Well. As you may or may not be aware, my OC Alicia Wells is part of the awesome OC World Tournament being run by the great mayydayy and PhoenixCreed - link to the main group is:

She’s made it to the second round of her division and she’s up against EVBrock’s boxing Busty Bee, Cyan Bracovich of Estonia.

Here’s the fight page:

BDR2 - Alicia v Cyan (CLOSED!) by mayydayy

And here are the respective bios:

ENG - Alicia Wells by mayydayy and  EST - Cyan Bracovich by mayydayy

More on Alicia can of course be found throughout my gallery but I would really appreciate any support anyone can give. Comments in particular would be amazing, particularly if you can lay out why you think Alicia can beat Cyan.

I really think Alicia has the tools to win this fight but she needs your help to do so.

While you’re at it, I hope you’ll vote and comment on the other ongoing matches (even if Alicia’s is clearly the most important 😉) – the OCWT is an amazing idea and I hope we can all make it a stunning success. Both Mayydayy and PhoenixCreed have put a lot of time into this and I’d like to thank them for letting both Alicia and Samiya participate.

Thanks for reading and hopefully thank you for your support!


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